All About Bakhoor

All About Bakhoor


Bakhoor is the most fascinating fragrances that has been introduced in the middle east households for centuries. There are many reasons Arabs (Muslims and Non-Muslims alike use Bakhoor in their households). And there is Islamic aspect regarding because of which Muslims from around the world love using Bakhoor in their safe havens.

Bakhoor is mainly chosen for special occasions such as weddings, Ramadan, Eid and even for welcoming guests. But over the years, Bakhoor has become the staple of a Muslim family, let alone an Arab family mainly because Islam teaches and encourages a clean and healthy environment in our homes, offices and basically in our lives as Muslims.

Both Men and Women uses Bakhoor as a fragrance in their clothing as it provides the beautiful organic scent and is preferred to other artificial scents due to so many of its health benefits.

So, the number one question you should ask, what is Bakhoor? And what is used and suitable for? After conducting an in-depth research, we have come up with this blog to let our beautiful readers know everything (almost everything) about Bakhoor.


What is Bakhoor?

 Bakhoor is basically refers to incense which are scented agarwood made by using various natural scents. Bakhoor is entirely natural and is made from chips extracted from trees known to produce required resins. In most cases, excellent Bakhoor Oud, like the one we have on our website some agarwood in the form of wood powder. The most available Bakhoor incense in the market includes so many aromatic natural elements such as Musk, Sandalwood, Agarwood, Resin, Rose, Amber, Ambergris and sometimes natural essential oils. Bakhoor is used to perfume the house and clothes using the fragrance-rich smoke.


Burning Bakhoor Incense

People use different ways to get the fragrance offered by Bakhoor. One of the most common ways of getting fragranced aroma is by burning the Bakhoor in an incense burner or Bakhoor burner.

The easiest way to get the beautiful fragrance offered by Bakhoor without wasting a single chip is using on our Wireless Electric Bakhoor Burners. Our Wireless Bakhoor Burner is so well designed, without the need of charcoal, avoids any mess and save money and time as a small amount of Bakhoor can last a long time. Simply put half a teaspoon of Bakhoor in our Wireless Bakhoor Burner which doesn't require any charcoal. With our Wireless Bakhoor Burner, you can enjoy the beautiful fragrance of Bakhoor everywhere such home, office, car etc.

Alternatively, you can burn small pieces of charcoal in an appropriate traditional burner and pour small amount of Bakhoor on it. You must start placing the charcoal disc inside the Bakhoor burner in this process. Then, it would help if you burnt the charcoal disc (for example using a lighter) on the Bakhoor burner and you start noticing some sparkles going across the charcoal.  After a short while, you will start noticing grey ash forming on the disc, which would symbolize that charcoal is ready to burn the Bakhoor. Finally, you can place the Bakhoor chips on the charcoal, and you are prepared to enjoy the fantastic fragrance from Bakhoor incense.


Uses of Bakhoor

It is a fantastic home fragrance with a wide range of uses. It would help if you remembered that it gives your clothes a beautiful and exotic scent. Also, it is achieved by placing the burner under the clothes while they hang and dry. You can also put it on the floor, after which you stand above it.

It is also great for neutralizing any smells in your house. Your surroundings will also be amazed by the beautiful scent inside your home. Simply burn a small amount of Bakhoor every day and see your home transform into a place of tranquility and peace.


Benefits of Bakhoor

Is Bakhoor harmful? The fact is, the fragrance is relatively safe, and here are some of the following reasons why you should consider it as a great addition to your home fragrances.


1: Traditional Fragrance

The use of Bakhoor goes back many centuries, and different prophets of Islam have said to used it. Also, it is said to be the first fragrance that a person will experience when entering paradise.


2: Calming Effect

It is one of the most influential fragrances that one should possess when it comes to relieving stress and anxiety. Most research has shown that the fragrance affects a person's central nervous system and relieves stress. However, if you come from work and feel tired, you simply need to choose to burn some Bakhoor in your workplace. The beautiful thing about Bakhoor is that it does not leave that heavy fragrance in your environment and it is very subtle in disappearing in the atmosphere while still giving that beautiful fragranced scent in the air.


3: Enhances Creativity

If you have an innovative feature, you would love to put this incense to use. When burnt, a person thinking about something new will have an easier time doing that. Also, it is known to get the creative juices flowing, and it is an advantage associated with the relief of stress.


All About Bakhoor Usage

  • An outstanding characteristic of Bakhoor is that it is used indoors and outdoors environments. So, here we talk about the significance and usage of Bakhoor in places, events, surroundings, and settings.
  • Bakhoor can be easily used as a room fragrance and can enlighten the atmosphere of a particular area. Its aroma has a very relaxing and calming effect.
  • It also has a romantic feel and essence and thus can be used as an attar or perfume at weddings or special occasions.
  • The spiritual aspect has been made on special occasions, and it is often used during religious ceremonies such as on the Jummah (Friday Prayer Day)
  • When wearing this perfume, it discards the other unpleasant smells like heavy food, cigarettes, smoking, etc. Moreover, it melts away in the atmosphere and leaves a mesmerizing fragrance.
  • Bakhoor was produced to serve medicinal purposes to people in old times. It contains restorative powers to diminish ailments and diseases.

In most cases, it has been seen that Bakhoor is used during special occasions like weddings, parties, events, or for relaxing purposes. In Arabian culture, it is a traditional gesture to pass Bakhoor among guests so they can scent their hair, clothing, and hands. It is believed to be as integral to hospitality as serving coffee and dates such as Ajwa dates.


What makes Bakhoor the most preferred gift option?

The sighting of the moon marks the beginning of Ramadan, Islam's holy month and a time of reflection for Muslims across the world. Ramadan traditions across the world range from family gatherings to gifting and giving the spirit of this time.

Whether it is to exchange gifts between family, friends, or colleagues, Ramadan gifts represent a token of appreciation and strengthen the bond and bring people close together. A tradition that has been passed down through generations in the Muslim world, gifting perfumes is the most cherished of all.

Perfumes and Fragrances, especially Bakhoor are believed to have been gifted regularly to Prophet Muhammad(pbuh) and his companions. The Prophet of God once said that his most likable gift was Oud perfume. Even in large quantities, Fridays have always held pride of place among the gifting traditions during the holy month.

The fragrant tradition of burning Bakhoor for various occasions became an essential part of Ramadan. Pieces of wood are placed on top of flaming coal, and the Arabian fragrance fills the air with a warm, rich scent. Apart from this, a beautifully decorated incense burner with cravings and embellishments, named Mabkhara, releases smoky hints.

Apart from Ramadan, Bakhoor can be the most preferred choice of gift in other special occasions such as weddings, Eids, end of semester gifts or simply visiting family and friends.


Get An Insight Into Our Best Smelling Bakhoor

Darb AlBakhoor

The Darb AlBakhoor is fragrant with the finest oriental scents. The Beautiful Scent of this Bakhoor is fruity musk with a hint of spicy sandalwood and sweet amber.

Top Notes: Fruity, Spicy

Middle notes: floral, sandalwood

Base notes: musk, melon


Bakhoor Khaleeji:

The Beautiful Khaleeji Fragrance makes you feel in Arabian Peninsula and devour in it's exotic fragrance. The Beautiful scent of this Bakhoor is floral musk with a hint of sandalwood and saffron.


Bakhoor AlOud:

The most traditional Oud fragrance that exists for centuries in the Arabian peninsula. A more oriental way of enjoying the aroma of Oud, this Bakhoor fragrance has been soaked in fragrant oils like jasmine and sandalwood to soften and sweeten the heavy scents, or amber and citrus essential oils to add crisp notes to the rising vapors.


Our Special Bakhoor PODS


These Bakhoor Incense Pods emits a scented fragrance that is sure to scheme your mood. There are 12 pods in each pack. Every bakhoor Pod is self ignite which means no charcoal needed. Each bakhoor incense pod burn for around 15-30 minutes and the fragrance last for a couple of days. 

Incense Pods will neutralize odors and fragrances your home

Bakhoor has the mixture ingredients. FLORAL SANDALWOOD, ROSE, MOSS, MUSK

Crafted from a premium quality material that ensures prolonged use. The Incense fragrance will last for few days 

These Bakhoor Incense creates an elegant statement while levitating the home décor scheme.

All our Bakhoor are made in Saudi Arabia 



Bakhoor Oud is one of the most incredible fragrances and has been introduced in households over the years. It is mainly chosen for essential occasions like welcoming guests, weddings, or even special moments in love. Both men and women use the fragrance, and it provides an exotic scent to clothing, home, office and is preferred to other form of incense.

Some of the many benefits of Bakhoor

  • Bakhoor Oud creates a peaceful, tranquil, refreshing, uplifting & inspiring atmosphere.
  • Bakhoor Oud opens one mind to clarity & it's beautiful fragrance diverts from worldly impurities and makes you feel relaxed while devouring the pleasure of it's beautiful fragrance.
  • Bakhoor keeps the mind alert and gives the mind leisure when it is busy
  • Age does not affect the efficacy of Bakhoor & its habitual use causes no harm
  • Bakhoor Incense is a soothing & uplifting activity in itself
  • Bakhoor is a good hemostatic, antiseptic and a good healing agent

I hope I have covered all the different aspect of Bakhoor and it's many benefits. I would love to know your opinion on Bakhoor and how much you love it. Feel free to let everyone know your love for Bakhoor in the comments below :)

Use Bakhoor and Smell Beautiful All Day Every Day 

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