Collection: Bukhoor/Oud Gift Boxes

Hikmah Boutique provides their customer with customized gift boxes for certain occasions or festivals. These gift boxes contain the following things: 

  • Box of Bukhoor which contains has the scents of Al Oud, Al Khaleeji and Al Darb.
  • Electric Bukhoor Burner which is USB rechargeable, No charcoal is needed and you can also use it without a cable.
  • Textured Satin Hijab Shawl in the colours of Cream, Blossom, Lilac, Space Grey, Golden Sand, Vista Blue, and Dark Pink.

All these things are there in the gift box and you can also customise it as per your preferences. There are regular sales and discounts that are provided by Hikmah Boutique which allows you to buy these Gift Boxes in even cheaper prices. If in case the item is not liked by you then you can easily replace it or apply for a refund. There is also an option of the quantity of these gift boxes, so in case you want to use it as a return gift then you can order as many as you want as that too on a great discount.