Collection: Hijab, Jilbab

The Hijab is basically a garment which is worn by the Muslim women so that they can cover their heads. This practice of wearing a Hijab has been going on from the 7th century in the Islamic world. Many of the Muslim women wear Hijabs because of the Islamic traditions. According the people of Islam the Hijab is like a screen of some partition of an individual from another person. 

On the other Jilbab is a full-length garment which is traditionally used to cover the head and hands of the Muslim women when they go out in public. Most of the Islamic Women wear this to follow the Quranic rules of female concealment specially in public areas. It is similar to a Hijab and Burkha, as it covers the whole body from the neck down to the feet of the womens.  

The Hikmah Boutique provides variety of Hijabs and Jilbabs that too many options of colors, textures, patterns and designs. You can easily choose the length and size and the colors that you prefer and buy these as they will be available is a very good quality which will last for a longer period of time. 

Features of the Prayer Clothes 

The Hikmah Boutique provides Hijabs and Jilbabs with all these features included in them.


The texture of the Hijabs and Jilbabs consists of long sleeves that cover the full body.

Thickness of Fabric

The  Hijabs and Jilbabs is lightweight and is easy and comfortable to wear.

Thobe Length

The length of the  Hijabs and Jilbabs  ranges from 150 cm-170 cm.

Style and Pattern 

The  Hijabs and Jilbabs consist of Stylish Printed Designs and also a plain traditional style that too they are available in different colours and it has an anti-trip design at the bottom sides.

We are also providing prayer clothes in affordable prices. .